Monday, December 22, 2008

i've decided

That Tumblr has gotten so boring.

Back to art blogging on blogger!

Will try my best to make a post today, for the fun of it.

Monday, December 1, 2008

hello, i like seattle

Planning to make a new blog about personal life. Hehe.

Sorry, don't have much time to write about anything.

I hate the MOMA museum in New York City. It's so boring. I don't know why it's called art. It's bent paper! Holy shit guys, let's put this up on the wall. I can do better. I guess. But it's not art.

There's my art related entry for today. Haha, sorry, so lazy. Don't know why I'm apologizing actually. I don't think many people read this anyways.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

omg, roflcopter, lmao, LAUGHING OUT LOUD!

"You actually do look a lot like your father!"

That's what I told my friend today. And it was true because I noticed the resemblance in her nose and eyes and ears and mouth. She got mad at me. I didn't mean it as a bad thing; I hope she doesn't get too mad at me. She always gets mad at me. I make her cry a lot. I try not too. I don't say many things to her anyways. Once my friend was swinging a luggage at her and it hit her eye. I almost laughed.

Vogue or Elle?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

les miserables


Thursday, November 6, 2008



Alexander McQueen will be designing a line for Target! Gosh, I'm so excited, even though I'm in Canada and nowhere near a Target store, but whenever I do go down to Seattle, Target will be in every mall. It'll be available starting March 1, but I'm defenitely counting down the days 'till the collection is available in stores and online.
Yesterday was an odd day. I went to work with my dad. It was weird to see him teach the kids at university. I saw this boy who had great style and was carrying a Pringle of Scotland bag! I've completely forgotten about that brand until I saw that bag. Now I love the brand again. Argh, can't find a picture of the bag. It looked sexy on him though.

Monday, November 3, 2008

you look like buddha

if our life is but a dream
fantastic posing greed.
then we should feed our jewelry to the seaf
or diamands do appear to be
just like broken glass to me.
and then she said she can't believe genius only comes along in storms of fabled foreign tongue
stripping eyes and flooding lungs,
northern down
pour sends its love.
hey moon, please forget to fall down;
hey moon, don't you go down.
sugar cane in the easy morning weather
vanes my one and lonely.
the ink is running toward the pageit's chasing off the days.
look back at both feet and that winding kneei missed your skin when you were east
you clicked your heels and wished for me.through playful lips made of yarn
that fragile Capricorn
unravelled words like moths upon old scarves
i know the world's a broken bone
but melt your headaches, call it home.
hey moon..
don't you go down..
weathervanes my one and lonely.
you are at the top of my lungs
drawn to the ones who never yawn.

the alamo is no place for dancing

Updated my blog layout. I think it looks nicer. The light blue. Oh, and the cute music player bear thing at the side.

I'm under so much stress right now. I have too much homework, and yeah. Wednesday is take your kids to work day. I think I'm going with my dad.

I think I've become a boring person, or maybe I'm just feeling a bit bland these days.

I think it's because I've stopped dreaming; a tragedy. Highlight that word.


Saturday, November 1, 2008

BIC grip roller pens

Those kind of pens do not work unless you write with them on top of a bundle of papers. I learned that today.

I would like to talk about stores not shipping to Canada, and other countries. I say it's not fair. Today, I was so pissed off when I saw the dress above on the Topshop website for 35 pounds! Well, it's like 70 dollars, but still. It's so pretty, and it's by Kate Moss. But here's something to make me happy: I'm going thrifting today! So excited. Yes, I'm easily amused haha. But I've never really been thrifting before, for clothes that is, so yes, I'm sure it'll be fun.

Monday, October 20, 2008

i don't have any interesting title name.

Eva Herzigova and Anna Selezneva for Vogue Paris.

she cried and said "i do"

I love this series. It's like Gossip Girl or The Clique. I like those books too. I hate The It Girl though. Lots of people do, but it ain't my thing.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

it's galipoka!

Tulip skirts are pretty! American Apparel has the tulip skirt that I want. Hell, American Apparel has everything I want. Except him...

Today was a crap school day. We got our shots and the HPV vaccine. I needed three fucking shots! Arms (yes notice the plural arms) hurt like a bitch. It was the HPV vaccine that hurt the most, but now all shots are starting to take an effect on muh arm.

Shit, I'm scared 'cos my friend said that we're samples and that they're testing the HPV on us. Why the fuck did my mother sign the consent form... I'm fucking scared. It's like drugs... doctors said they were totally healthy and it wasn't 'till like a decade or two later that they found out that drugs were actually unhealthy for us. What if the vaccine has like some kind of negative effect on me and doctors won't find out about it in a couple years? Fuck, am I going to die? Will my babies become disabled?

God, I hope not. And if I am, I am gonna sue someone.


Saturday, October 4, 2008

nootin much

Coco Rocha is purdy. I like her nose. It points up haha.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

& the band begins to play

The reason I'm not writing as much is because I'm very dumb. Too dumb to do my math homework, that is, and I require extra time to fully understand the problem. Heh. I'm in the "smarter" math class, but truth is, I'm not smart at all. Argh, I hope it's not too late to transfer classes. I'm the worst in my class. I just don't get all the calculations, the word problems and my teacher's funny English accent. I swear, every time he starts talking, I have to bite my tongue to keep from laughing. And sometimes I fail.

I'm on Nylon's website and it features street style from different places. Here are some of my favorite looks:

(Sao Paulo)



(New York City)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Eh, sorry I haven't been updating my blog lately. Blame it on bitchy teachers and too much homework. Anyways, so much has happened these past few days. One: I SUSCRIBED TO NYLON. Shiit, I've been waiting forever for a subscription to Nylon, and my mother finally let me suscribe to it after my subscription to this French magazine ended. Goosh, can't wait for the next episode of America's Next Top Model. I swear, I'm pretty much addicted to the show, since I saw the first episode of season 4. I was like, 9 or something. Haha, yea I know, so young eh. Oh, and the second thing... um... the sky is falling?

And this is what I find so intriguing:

It's a "Tea Shirt" made by Meryl Smith. Yee, it took me a while to figure out that it was actually tea.


Listening to: 5 Years Time- Noah and the Whale

Friday, September 5, 2008

row row row your boat

Okay, so the name of my boots are actually FRINGE boots. Haha, aren't I so slow. I am so obssesed with taking pictures of myself in the bathroom! It's become a hobby, and it's quite fun.

One of the most influential designers of all time, in my opinion, is Vivienne Westwood. For sure, one of my personal favorites as well. The pictures above come from her more affordable line the "Red Label". This collection is hot! Some highlights from this collection include a coat with rounded lapels and baggy hem and gorgeous black-and-white cocktail dress.

Listening to: Low- Flo Rida

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

bloop bloop BLOP

(The picture above is just a random pretty picture) School was today. And it wasn't that bad. I saw my friends, but I know one girl in particular is trying to ditch me. That son of a bitch... heh, sorry. I get so mad sometimes. I think I'm short tempered. I know I haven't written in a long time. My bad. I wish I could go shopping. My parents won't buy me anything because they say I have too many clothes. Can't wait to get a job. Sad, but true. I have never worn any heels before. I should get some shouldn't I? Yum, my mum's making these potato cakes. They are devilish.

To complete my Fall wardrobe, all I need is a plaid jacket, these very short cowboy boots and a pair of heels. Yes, I know what your thinking: Cowboy boots?! Is she out of her mind? The cowboy boots I'm talking about are not those red boots in mediocre length. I"m thinking of ankle length, even shorter if it's possible and it's got this suede texture to it as well as dangling things. I know, I suck at describing it. I will post pictures when I find an image of my ideal cowboy boots. "Till then, I'll see you in hell.

Listening to: Dear Francis- Chow Chow Band

Friday, August 29, 2008

why the toilet didn't flush

Aye, I'm so tired these days. School is starting on Tuesday. Fuck fuck fuck, I don't want to go back. In grade 8, I took the words "Live life to your fullest and never care what others think about you" to heart. Now, I feel like a loser. And people from school must think I'm some retarded girl with special needs. Things, will not be the same and I regret doing everything I did. Hopefully, grade 9 will be better, and everyone will forget what I did. I just want the world to forget me. I wish, I could crawl into a small hole and stay there, until I feel sheltered to come out and face my troubles. I have lost faith in mankind. My closest friends have betrayed me, and nothing is turning out right for me. If the girl in this picture was me, those balloons would be my hopes, and the world around me would be urging me to let them go.

This is the second day I dreamed about him. And I can't stop remembering the taste of his chapped lips. Fuck, I wish my life was like a hippo.

Listening to: Silence

Thursday, August 28, 2008

life's turning point

When I went to sleep yesterday night, I had a dream that a boy I used to like kissed me. He had chapped lips, but I liked the kiss because it was sincere. He's a douche now; that's why I stopped liking him. I miss kissing him. Well, no, I don't actually because he's out of my mind now.

Hello George Sampson.

Listening to: Singing In The Rain- Mint Royale

parallel tubelights in dark tunnels

I never really thought Gucci as anything other than boring, overly sophisticated and makers of a grandma's ideal wardrobe. But looking at Gucci's Fall 2008 Ready To Wear collection definitely surprised me. The looks are a combination of bohemian Russian meets biker chic. This is the shit, I really like their Fall collection. Everything from this collection is just plain cool. The details on the shirts, the silhouettes of the dresses, and the jewelry is one of a kind and is not usually spotted on the runway of a world renownd fashion pioneer. Gucci, is amazing.

Listening to: Starz In Their Eyes- Just Jack

our maxwell house

I really don't know what I'm doing these days. It seems as if my days are consumed by Teen Vogue and camwhoring. There was this American Apparel advertisement on Teen Vogue and it featured this skater dress. When I saw it, I was like: "Fuck! I want this." Oh, my goodness, the possibilities of that dress! I would wear it with a leather jacket, chunky gold necklace, and a beret, or a fedora. I'm saving up my money. The silhouette of this dress is just striking. It's simple, yet elegant at the same time. I would love to wear this dress to the library, haha. In short, this dress is beautiful.

Listening to: Boston- Augustana

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the show must go on

Yes, shoot me for making 3 blogs posts in one day. It's because I'm cool like that. Anyways, I was on the Hermes website, and I found a DIY paper bag.


Pretty cool. I'm bored right now and there isn't anything to do. I suppose I could cut my hair.

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The previous post was a result of me pms-ing two days before, haha. More to come tomorrow! Not the pms-ing, but art related things.

I'm hungry.

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fiddlesticks is my favorite word

This is my new blog. I really don't know what else to say, haha. I guess what drove me to make this blog was um, wow. I really am a loss for words.

I was on the Teen Vogue website yesterday and I saw teenage girls like me being recognized with great style. Makes me fucking depressed when people my age have done something great, and I haven't done anything remarkable in the 14 years of my life. That boy who created Free The Children when he was like 12 or 13? Craig something. He's so famous for doing something that truly helped the world. And here I am, spending my lazy summer in front of the computer, eating a watermelon.

I've decided to devote this blog mainly to art, and not on my personal life. After all, a close friend of mine did tell me that I was not interesting.

The fucking end.

Listening to: Weekend Lover- Mr Virgo