Friday, August 29, 2008

why the toilet didn't flush

Aye, I'm so tired these days. School is starting on Tuesday. Fuck fuck fuck, I don't want to go back. In grade 8, I took the words "Live life to your fullest and never care what others think about you" to heart. Now, I feel like a loser. And people from school must think I'm some retarded girl with special needs. Things, will not be the same and I regret doing everything I did. Hopefully, grade 9 will be better, and everyone will forget what I did. I just want the world to forget me. I wish, I could crawl into a small hole and stay there, until I feel sheltered to come out and face my troubles. I have lost faith in mankind. My closest friends have betrayed me, and nothing is turning out right for me. If the girl in this picture was me, those balloons would be my hopes, and the world around me would be urging me to let them go.

This is the second day I dreamed about him. And I can't stop remembering the taste of his chapped lips. Fuck, I wish my life was like a hippo.

Listening to: Silence


Dee. said...

ooh man.
i love this picture.
nice work:D

holly said...

im in gr9 too.
similar things have happend to me but idk if ud call it me backstabing my friends my friends backstabing me or me finding my true and new friends. i think the 3rd one happened.

i was the same way in gr8 except it was with carpe diem and what not and i dont regret taking that saying and doing it. its made me the person i am and without it id still probably be a hollisterho maniac if it werent for starting off with being riskier with the fashion department.i also never regret anything i dont wanna say lifes to short to regret anything i just think that everything happens for a reason.

srry that was a bit of a rant but either way i get whatcha mean :D

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