Tuesday, September 2, 2008

bloop bloop BLOP

(The picture above is just a random pretty picture) School was today. And it wasn't that bad. I saw my friends, but I know one girl in particular is trying to ditch me. That son of a bitch... heh, sorry. I get so mad sometimes. I think I'm short tempered. I know I haven't written in a long time. My bad. I wish I could go shopping. My parents won't buy me anything because they say I have too many clothes. Can't wait to get a job. Sad, but true. I have never worn any heels before. I should get some shouldn't I? Yum, my mum's making these potato cakes. They are devilish.

To complete my Fall wardrobe, all I need is a plaid jacket, these very short cowboy boots and a pair of heels. Yes, I know what your thinking: Cowboy boots?! Is she out of her mind? The cowboy boots I'm talking about are not those red boots in mediocre length. I"m thinking of ankle length, even shorter if it's possible and it's got this suede texture to it as well as dangling things. I know, I suck at describing it. I will post pictures when I find an image of my ideal cowboy boots. "Till then, I'll see you in hell.

Listening to: Dear Francis- Chow Chow Band


Claudia said...

Your comment made me smile, because at the end, that's why i'm doing it all: To inspire and to entertain people. (:
And those boots sound divine, make sure to show us pictures!

Dream on said...

Thanks for the comment!