Monday, October 20, 2008

i don't have any interesting title name.

Eva Herzigova and Anna Selezneva for Vogue Paris.

she cried and said "i do"

I love this series. It's like Gossip Girl or The Clique. I like those books too. I hate The It Girl though. Lots of people do, but it ain't my thing.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

it's galipoka!

Tulip skirts are pretty! American Apparel has the tulip skirt that I want. Hell, American Apparel has everything I want. Except him...

Today was a crap school day. We got our shots and the HPV vaccine. I needed three fucking shots! Arms (yes notice the plural arms) hurt like a bitch. It was the HPV vaccine that hurt the most, but now all shots are starting to take an effect on muh arm.

Shit, I'm scared 'cos my friend said that we're samples and that they're testing the HPV on us. Why the fuck did my mother sign the consent form... I'm fucking scared. It's like drugs... doctors said they were totally healthy and it wasn't 'till like a decade or two later that they found out that drugs were actually unhealthy for us. What if the vaccine has like some kind of negative effect on me and doctors won't find out about it in a couple years? Fuck, am I going to die? Will my babies become disabled?

God, I hope not. And if I am, I am gonna sue someone.


Saturday, October 4, 2008

nootin much

Coco Rocha is purdy. I like her nose. It points up haha.