Monday, November 3, 2008

the alamo is no place for dancing

Updated my blog layout. I think it looks nicer. The light blue. Oh, and the cute music player bear thing at the side.

I'm under so much stress right now. I have too much homework, and yeah. Wednesday is take your kids to work day. I think I'm going with my dad.

I think I've become a boring person, or maybe I'm just feeling a bit bland these days.

I think it's because I've stopped dreaming; a tragedy. Highlight that word.



aimée said...

don't stop dreaming, then it won't be tragedy.

ryan manning said...

wildly attractive

Merily said...

your layout looks nice and I love this picture :)

Bella said...

You have the cutest blog... I was scrolling through and came to this post. Never give up on your dreams... all things happen in time!

Sometimes, it's all we have in this big big world!


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