Monday, November 3, 2008

you look like buddha

if our life is but a dream
fantastic posing greed.
then we should feed our jewelry to the seaf
or diamands do appear to be
just like broken glass to me.
and then she said she can't believe genius only comes along in storms of fabled foreign tongue
stripping eyes and flooding lungs,
northern down
pour sends its love.
hey moon, please forget to fall down;
hey moon, don't you go down.
sugar cane in the easy morning weather
vanes my one and lonely.
the ink is running toward the pageit's chasing off the days.
look back at both feet and that winding kneei missed your skin when you were east
you clicked your heels and wished for me.through playful lips made of yarn
that fragile Capricorn
unravelled words like moths upon old scarves
i know the world's a broken bone
but melt your headaches, call it home.
hey moon..
don't you go down..
weathervanes my one and lonely.
you are at the top of my lungs
drawn to the ones who never yawn.


SICK. said...

no way, did you write this ?!
it's amazing.

& i like that photo :]


ps we'll link you too !


Is this yours? Lovely.