Saturday, September 13, 2008

& the band begins to play

The reason I'm not writing as much is because I'm very dumb. Too dumb to do my math homework, that is, and I require extra time to fully understand the problem. Heh. I'm in the "smarter" math class, but truth is, I'm not smart at all. Argh, I hope it's not too late to transfer classes. I'm the worst in my class. I just don't get all the calculations, the word problems and my teacher's funny English accent. I swear, every time he starts talking, I have to bite my tongue to keep from laughing. And sometimes I fail.

I'm on Nylon's website and it features street style from different places. Here are some of my favorite looks:

(Sao Paulo)



(New York City)


nostyleboys said...

haha, i'm not too great at math either
it's next semester though, so no problem for me

I really like the london one


Anna Shapiro said...

i love the first girls hair

Anna Shapiro said...

i just actually read the post instead of skimming

im in double advanced math
and im failing at the moment

terren said...

hey! it's susie!
cute blog :) hope things with math get better.

Elisabeth Moody said...

hhmm, i love your blog.
it is not too serious, not too much fashion, not too much phsyco babble
i suck at math, im in 5th grade for that, last year i was in 3, but everything else im collage level.

link me please, and im linking you!
please and thanks!

yiqin; said...

I love girls who can pull off short hair like the one in the first photo! Awesome.

Aimée in the Skyy said...

dropping maths in high school was the best decision i've ever made.

i don't know when i'd need to figure out the distance and time it takes for me to reach across the table if my movement is going at 70km per hour and the table is supposedly 1.5 meters long if you don't include the edges but has a diameter of .6meters.

that doesn't even make sense.

Dee. said...

gorgeous pics(:

Dee. said...

oh, and i've linked you btw(:
and i think you're super pretty.

EMS said...

i'd love to trade links to.
to get a hedder all you need to do is, go on your dashbord click on layout then click on the edit next to header and then you'll be able to put a picture up


I like the first pic, that bowl cut is crazy.


Linnéa said...

nice photos, inspiring !