Friday, August 29, 2008

why the toilet didn't flush

Aye, I'm so tired these days. School is starting on Tuesday. Fuck fuck fuck, I don't want to go back. In grade 8, I took the words "Live life to your fullest and never care what others think about you" to heart. Now, I feel like a loser. And people from school must think I'm some retarded girl with special needs. Things, will not be the same and I regret doing everything I did. Hopefully, grade 9 will be better, and everyone will forget what I did. I just want the world to forget me. I wish, I could crawl into a small hole and stay there, until I feel sheltered to come out and face my troubles. I have lost faith in mankind. My closest friends have betrayed me, and nothing is turning out right for me. If the girl in this picture was me, those balloons would be my hopes, and the world around me would be urging me to let them go.

This is the second day I dreamed about him. And I can't stop remembering the taste of his chapped lips. Fuck, I wish my life was like a hippo.

Listening to: Silence

Thursday, August 28, 2008

life's turning point

When I went to sleep yesterday night, I had a dream that a boy I used to like kissed me. He had chapped lips, but I liked the kiss because it was sincere. He's a douche now; that's why I stopped liking him. I miss kissing him. Well, no, I don't actually because he's out of my mind now.

Hello George Sampson.

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parallel tubelights in dark tunnels

I never really thought Gucci as anything other than boring, overly sophisticated and makers of a grandma's ideal wardrobe. But looking at Gucci's Fall 2008 Ready To Wear collection definitely surprised me. The looks are a combination of bohemian Russian meets biker chic. This is the shit, I really like their Fall collection. Everything from this collection is just plain cool. The details on the shirts, the silhouettes of the dresses, and the jewelry is one of a kind and is not usually spotted on the runway of a world renownd fashion pioneer. Gucci, is amazing.

Listening to: Starz In Their Eyes- Just Jack

our maxwell house

I really don't know what I'm doing these days. It seems as if my days are consumed by Teen Vogue and camwhoring. There was this American Apparel advertisement on Teen Vogue and it featured this skater dress. When I saw it, I was like: "Fuck! I want this." Oh, my goodness, the possibilities of that dress! I would wear it with a leather jacket, chunky gold necklace, and a beret, or a fedora. I'm saving up my money. The silhouette of this dress is just striking. It's simple, yet elegant at the same time. I would love to wear this dress to the library, haha. In short, this dress is beautiful.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the show must go on

Yes, shoot me for making 3 blogs posts in one day. It's because I'm cool like that. Anyways, I was on the Hermes website, and I found a DIY paper bag.


Pretty cool. I'm bored right now and there isn't anything to do. I suppose I could cut my hair.

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The previous post was a result of me pms-ing two days before, haha. More to come tomorrow! Not the pms-ing, but art related things.

I'm hungry.

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fiddlesticks is my favorite word

This is my new blog. I really don't know what else to say, haha. I guess what drove me to make this blog was um, wow. I really am a loss for words.

I was on the Teen Vogue website yesterday and I saw teenage girls like me being recognized with great style. Makes me fucking depressed when people my age have done something great, and I haven't done anything remarkable in the 14 years of my life. That boy who created Free The Children when he was like 12 or 13? Craig something. He's so famous for doing something that truly helped the world. And here I am, spending my lazy summer in front of the computer, eating a watermelon.

I've decided to devote this blog mainly to art, and not on my personal life. After all, a close friend of mine did tell me that I was not interesting.

The fucking end.

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