Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Eh, sorry I haven't been updating my blog lately. Blame it on bitchy teachers and too much homework. Anyways, so much has happened these past few days. One: I SUSCRIBED TO NYLON. Shiit, I've been waiting forever for a subscription to Nylon, and my mother finally let me suscribe to it after my subscription to this French magazine ended. Goosh, can't wait for the next episode of America's Next Top Model. I swear, I'm pretty much addicted to the show, since I saw the first episode of season 4. I was like, 9 or something. Haha, yea I know, so young eh. Oh, and the second thing... um... the sky is falling?

And this is what I find so intriguing:

It's a "Tea Shirt" made by Meryl Smith. Yee, it took me a while to figure out that it was actually tea.


Listening to: 5 Years Time- Noah and the Whale


  1. wait, it's actually tea? or it is just made to look like tea? haha, that is so weird!

    nice blog, by the way; i linked youu =]

  2. pretty! wear that with skinny pants and ready to go!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. aimee's right - oh the wit! that is definitely intriguing :)

  5. haha, that's so weird

  6. That shirt is lovely and very clever indeed! Looks soft and airy, now I want to try it on and see! :D


  7. That shirt is the sweetest thing I have ever seen. I want one.

    Love the blog, care to trade links?

  8. wow. a tea shirt.
    ..now you have 11 comments (:

  9. thanks!
    and yes muffy's definitely fashionable! lol. i don't know who my favorite is! i love buster, and francine's pretty awesome too. they're all too cool for school =]

  10. I love love that it is actually a "tea" shirt. And it is pretty!

  11. holy moly.
    that is the coolest thing in the world!!!

    I made a tea shirt a few months ago..
    it was no where near as cool though
    just a shirt with a teacup on it.

    far out.
    I love it.

    ohh and thanks for your loving comments.
    the placing of the pictures was all thanks to the bicycle pirate she is a genius!

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